The Right Diet To " Lose Belly Fat " ( Eat More = Lose Faster ?? )

The Right Diet To ” Lose Belly Fat ” ( Eat More = Lose Faster ?? )

Nowadays there’s lots of people want to lose belly fat for several reasons, some of them for the health or just simply wanna have a better shape, but no matter what is your intention for doing it, there’s no doubt this issue has a great impact with the life.

Have you ever realize that why most of the people who have tried so hard but fail eventually, one of the most important reasons is that they focus on the wrong place, and they work hard on the wrong place.

Why Diet is so important ??

dietThink about it, how the most people will do it ? if they don’t have Correct concepts, basically, the most common ways they will do are something like ” do lots of exercise, eat less and less ” etc. you will find out these methods might do little works for the start, but gradually it stops or even backward again, the result isn’t as ideal as you thought.

You only can exercise for maximum 7 times a week, but you have to eat for Minimum 21 times a weeks, so you realize that which one is more important.

At this article I’m gonna talk about how important the DIET is, and why this is the crucial factor for losing the belly fat, let’s get started…

The most 5 essential of Daily Diet to lose belly fat

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High fiber, High protein ( 2 High )

fiber fruit vegetableconsume the food that containing high fiber and Protein, it would speed up the process to lose body fat, actually it’s not play a necessary pole for losing fat but also important to the health of your body, you can get good and high fiber from fruit, berry, five grain cereals or vegetables etc.


chicken breastChicken, fish, any white meats or several beans is the good source to get high and good quality of protein, just in case of these nutrition is little hard for you to get for some reason(or maybe you are a lazy person ) nutritional supplement or vitamin is your another choice, but I still have to Emphasize natural food is the best.


Low fat, Low calories, Low sugar, Low salt ( 4 low )

fish oilstart to avoid eating the food that containing lots of fat, calories, sugar and salt, I have to admit that the food that match these conditions represent most of the delicious food in the world, but there’s no doubt that’s harmful to your body as well.

I believe most of you know it, but still can’t Resist the temptation, this is the challenge that you have to face every day, every choice of diet you choose will lead you to the different result, always remind yourself that you must be stick in your final goal.

Don’t get misunderstand, I’m not telling you that stop eating this or that, you still can eat those, but here’s the point, choose wisely good fat good sugar will provide the good source to get calories,

avocado good oilAnd its an important nutrition that your body need, and will help you to lose body fat even faster, omega 3 fish oil, olive oil or avocado is a good source to get good fat, choose natural sugar and salt is much better than Artificial, drink more water or fresh juice instead of soft drink etc.


Eating the meal ( Time and rationed Feeding )

If you want to lose your belly fat or weight you must eat, the point is eat wisely, discipline and calculation, first you have to know the foods you choose are benefit to your health, and discipline is about whenever having a meal to Chew slowly( It is thought chewing for longer prevents over-eating by giving the brain more time to receive signals from the stomach that it is full), lowering food intake by 20 or 30 percent (To be healthy, you also have to think about the mix of foods you are eating)

Weight Scaleand the last is a calculation to find out your daily approximate Calorie consumption, you can go to the hospital or if you have the Weight Scale( that’s able to analysis basal metabolic rate ).

When you know your number you can approximately to make your daily diet plan, base on the number, do not over it too much( you are ruining the plan ) and remember never below it too much (this number Mainly to maintain the body’s normal operation, if you decrease so mush you might get Metabolic disorder), if you plan is losing belly fat ideally lose around 400-500 cal for each day.

Breakfast is necessary to have

We’ve heard a lot that breakfast is the most important meals of the day, but we do not know if we have breakfast on time for every single day will help us to achieve the goal of our perfect body shape, why does it affect a lot?

breakfastIt’s about Body metabolism, morning is the start of the day and if you don’t intake any food (after more than 7-8 hours that sleeping, your body definitely need some energy), your blood sugar will get low then when you get something to eat too later, your blood sugar will increase immediately.

Here’s the insulin will show up to decrease the blood sugar back to normal, acutely changes from the body blood sugar index, ups and downs, gradually you will get Metabolic disorder, and this is the main reason that we must have breakfast daily.

Remember if you don’t have the habit to have breakfast or maybe just sometimes, you will be far away from your goal.


Drink enough water daily

Water is the most important component of the human body, and the moisture content accounts for 70-75% of it, we’ve heard a lot that ” 8 glass of water a day ” or ” 2000 c.c. water a day “to keep you body healthy, yes that’s correct, but I’m gonna say it’s only half right,

From my studies and researches about this topic, I found out that how much water you need to drink a day depend on your individual body index (everyone is different, so your Daily water consumption should be different as well).

Your weight x 50 = your Daily water consumption

Here’s the example, I’m 66 kg, so 66 x 50 = 3300 is my Daily water consumption, now you know it, go and pick up the calculator to count your own Daily water consumption.

drink water


The Top 10 Foods That Help Lose Belly Fat

Always remember The keys of this diet is not only to ” eat much ” but also depends on ” what to eat “, the sum of food calories and nutrition is most important, it does not mean eating less food is eaten right, eating the right food is all about to make everything right, hope you guys keep these in mind whenever you have the meal and finally hope everything go well on you, and if you have any question feel free to leave the comments below I will reply as soon as possible. Good luck…

28 thoughts on “The Right Diet To ” Lose Belly Fat ” ( Eat More = Lose Faster ?? )”

    1. hello peter, I’m glad that you like it, if you can please share this pages to your friends who need, and hope everything goes well on you!

    1. Hello Ryan
      Thanks for leaving the comment, as I mentioned in the article, breakfast has a lot to do with your health, in order to get closer to your goal, you must have a good habit to have breakfast every day.

  1. This sounds so exciting and adventurous. I feel tickled by the theme. What an amazingly talented writer you are!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information. I have been trying my best to go on diet but most of these tricks are not working fine. I learnt alot from the first point (High fiber, High protein) and i must tell you its an eye opener for me

  2. Very interesting to read that you really must keep up your eating schedule if you want to lose weight. This essentially means that you need to eat to lose weight! 

    I know so many people who quite literally starve themselves when they want to lose weight, thinking this is the way to go. Obviously I need to point out to them that this is all wrong and they’ll probably end up with bad results. 

    1. hello Chris
      thanks for leaving comment, yes i agree with you, plz share this right information to those who in need.

  3. I have gained so much belly fat recently and I suspect these stress that I am having right now as the culprit. You know stress eating? It’s eating up one me! 

    The advice in this blog post might work for me, so I’m gonna try them. There’s just one thing in the blog post that puzzled me and I’d like to ask why. Why is low salt included in the advice here for losing belly fat? I thought it’s only the sweet and sugar-related that’s causing weight gain. Can you explain a bit on that?

    1. hello Gomer
      thanks for the comment, first i know stress eating, as i mentioned in the article before, all you need is right diet regular exercise good daily habits and most important is “stay positive as always”, you are the only one can stop is emotion happen, my suggestion is try to do anything else when you feel stressful.
      basically, there’s a two main reason to avoid high salt food, first it will accumulate more water into body then develop ” body edema “, second it will influence your blood circulation then your metabolism will get worst
      hope this will help you

  4. This was a great post and useful in so many ways. There is a right diet that you can lose that belly fat when you follow it, and you do not need to pay a lot of extra money to get advice or buy special foods, etc. to have that diet work for you. You laid it out very clearly.

    I like also how you made it into catchy one-liners that people are more likely to remember and have ringing in their heads when thy hot that next buffet with an all you can eat offer. It really is as simple as what you have laid out. Follow this and a lot of health problems will also melt away along with that belly fat!

    What a great read and thanks for putting it together. You should be able to go viral with this one, it is that good. The more people that see this, the sadder some of the special diets and such that cost so much money for the privilege of losing some belly fat are going to be!  

    1. hello Dave
      thanks for the comment,i totally agree with what you said, its simply and easy to get back to good shape, and stay health, it doesnt need to cost so mush to lose belly fat on somethings special, all you need is right diet regular exercise good daily habits and most important stay positive as always, plz share this article to those who might need.

  5. I agree with much of what you write here. You are so right that many of the worlds tastiest foods are not good for us, but I always wonder if the reason they taste so good is because the manufacturers of half the products we consume actually add ingredients that make us addicted.. because once we stop eating so much of it, our tastes change and we don’t enjoy the taste of the unhealthy stuff so much.

  6. Nowadays we are very concern about our diet and try to find ‘the best’ diet to lose fat, but we tend to forget some essential steps if we want to see results.

    I agree that breakfast is very important and never skip it. I think a balanced and healthy diet combine with regular exercise can give you the best results when fighting with fat loss.

    1. hello dany
      thanks for the comment, yes its right, so glad that i can help you, start to have a good habit, and never skip the breakfast again.

  7. Oh thank you for writing article about diet. I was under impression that you only need in small portion for having a right diet. Turns out what we eat is the most important think for the right diet. But, I though we need to skip breakfast. Thank you for informing the benefit of having breakfast. I’m actually planning on my diet, so I need to choose carefully what to eat and what not to eat.

    1. hello Alblue
      thanks for the comment, actually DIET isn’t as difficult and complicated as we thought, we just need the correct concept about it.

  8. Hey Bill,
    I learned a lot by reading your educational and empirical article entitled “The Right Diet To lose belly fat”. Weight gain is a common problem nowadays. 70% of the citizens suffer from it. Excess fat causes many diseases. I did not know before that proper food habit played such an effective role in reducing the belly fat or weight. Thank you sincerely for your valuable article.

    Warm wishes,

  9. this is a very interesting article and i am happy to read it,  well belly fat is a turn off for me and i have been suffering from it but am happy that i got the chance to read this article today and i totally agree with the writer that the use of avacodo helps with belly fat and how important breakfast is, i used to scrap breakfast and most time i don’t eat because am afraid of adding weight already but i have learnt alot from this article and thanks again to the writer,  you just saved a life.

    1. hello osinachi1
      thanks for leaving the comment, i’m glad that i’m able to help you, breakfast is important, plz share these informations to those who needs.

  10. Hi Bill, I have been working out at the gym since last January and although there have been many improvements, that belly fat still needs some work. From your advice, it seems I need to stop the quick eating and also drink more water.I am also going to pay attention to the proportions in my plate at mealtime. Thank you for the information.

  11. Balanced clear information without no scientific mumbo jumbo. Oftentimes people make these things so complex and come with extreme methods that are really discouraging for “normal” people, but not this article. 

    Focus on eating healthy, leave the junkfood, have breakfast, eat a bit less without going to extremes, and stay well hydrated, that’s it.
    For those who want more there is further information to do with calculations, but nonetheless still presented in an easy to digest simple way for everyone.

    1. hello Faheem
      thanks for the comments, yes i agree with you, many people think its difficult to do it, but actually it can to fun and easy to let you understand, and this is what i’m doing now, thanks again, so glad you like it.

  12. Thanks Bill for providing five essentials for a daily diet. This was reassuring because I always suspected losing belly fat does not require an extreme change to a person’s diet. I have remained within the same weight range year after year but no increase in my belly fat. I figured eating a varied healthy diet three meals a day that includes the five essentials you discuss is the way to go.

    On top of that you are so right about water intake. Depending on the persons Body Mass Index the daily water intake will change. Same is true with calories. If you want to lose belly fat burn more calories then your daily intake. I like how you explain that this does not mean starve yourself. It means eat a healthy balanced diet and burn more calories then what you eat daily and stay away from soda it’s that simple.

    I am curious though what do you think about fruit infused water? I know there are some that help with the body’s metabolism but I am unsure if it would help lose belly fat fast.

    1. hello Kevin
      thanks for leaving the comments, losing fat isn’t difficult as you think, and take action and go for it, fruit infused water i know its good choice for body’s metabolism, it does help to lose belly fat, well done, kevin.

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