The Best Breakfast to Lose Belly Fat - lose belly start from morning

The Best Breakfast to Lose Belly Fat – lose belly start from morning

Breakfast is the first meal of every day, it’s the choice that we have to make every morning, when you choose the right breakfast, it not only gives you lots of energy for rest of the day, but also make your body healthier and keep you in good shape.

So if you really want to lose belly fat, breakfast is something that you must take it seriously.

And the Research shows that the people who has the regular habit of eating breakfast every day, they tend to be leaner and they are more successful at losing weight.

Why breakfast is so important for losing fat ??

It’s all about Body metabolism( the key to lose belly fat )

First, the Good breakfast will give you enough energy and necessary nutrition to make Body metabolism work normally.

On the other hand, if you have a Bad choice of breakfast which containing high sugar, salt, fat or calories, you will get negative effect to your health including low Body metabolism, and this is the reason why you have belly fat.

The Best Breakfast to Lose Belly Fat

Second, morning is the start of the day and if you don’t have the breakfast, your blood sugar will get really low, and once you get something to eat later, your blood sugar will increase immediately.

Then the insulin will show up to decrease the blood sugar back to normal, acutely changes from the body blood sugar index, ups and downs, gradually you will get Metabolic disorder.


What’s ideal breakfast that we should have ??

The ideal breakfast should be balanced and nutritious, good quality of protein and fat, fiber and some carbohydrates to make sure to give you various nutrition to body.

It can keep you feeling full until the lunchtime to reduce the snacking during this moment (reduce more calories), meanwhile you can get a better and better result on weight loss.

Remember to have enough protein on the breakfast, because one of the great benefits of protein is that it generally makes you feel Satisfied longer than carbohydrates and fats, These are digested slowly, helping you feel full longer and keeping blood sugar and insulin levels stable.


The 3 best choices of breakfast

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It’s one of the best breakfast options that you can choose, Oatmeal is delicious and healthy, it’s rich in fiber which can keep you feeling full for the long time and help to keep your digestion regular, you can add some fruits or nuts with it, so you can get some nutrition from morning meal.


In particular, Oatmeal made with “slow-release” carbohydrates which is play an important pole in balancing blood sugar levels, comparing to refined carbohydrates, it can absorb slowly and keep your blood sugar steady( feel more satiated so that you can easily reach the weight control )

And when you eat the Slow-release carbohydrate foods, it doesn’t increase your blood sugar as high as you eat refined carbohydrates, so the insulin will not increase as high, and it gets better for your Body metabolism and burning belly fat.



Whenever most people think about the healthy foods, yogurt always come up from their mind, there’s no doubt it really makes a great addition to Diet plan especially for losing fat, and the Research shows that yogurt is one of the top 5 foods that promote weight loss, so it’s excellent to take it to be your first meal of the day.


In every serving of yogurt contains high protein, lots of vitamins and good source of calcium which can help lose weight, a mixed fruit or chia seeds are the good options that you can add them together with yogurt, so it can become a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

Yogurt has lots of benefit not only for losing belly fat, but also it consists of good bacteria which is good for the digestion, it helps to your diet and enhances the immunity, and you can have a healthier life.




If you are a lazy person or busy person, you don’t even have much time to make a breakfast for yourself, Smoothies is your best choice, it’s easy and quick to make it, and get enough nutrition your body need, all you need is one good smoothie blender, put all the ingredients into it and press the start button then you can have a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

The calories of smoothies is depended on the ingredients you choose, so if you want to lose belly fat, you have to choose the fruit with low-calories and some vegetables with different color( the different color of veggies have a different nutrition ) , and you can add some protein powder, several nuts or seeds to increase the protein intake.

smoothie blenderWhy do I recommend the smoothies the most ? because it’s not only easy and convenient, but also Through different kind of ingredients you can have different kind of smoothies for each time, and you can make your own unique flavor, now the challenge of losing belly fat becomes more fun and interesting.

Top 3 Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes

14 thoughts on “The Best Breakfast to Lose Belly Fat – lose belly start from morning”

  1. Thank you for this article. I’m 5’8 tall and weighs 145lbs. So I’m a bit normal but my problem is my belly fats! I can’t seem to lose it. This article makes sense though. Thank you for sharing your insights. I’m doing intermittent diet now actually but I think I may have to change that and stick to your plan here. I think there’s no harm in trying. I’d like to try eating just oatmeal in the morning and see how it goes. I’ll update you if ever. Thank you once again! All the best!

    1. hello AJ
      thanks for the comment, start from the right diet, and do the exercise, you can have a look on my other articles, so you will have more confidence on losing belly fat.

  2. Very interesting article on the importantance of breakfast for keeping weight and health at optimal levels. It can be a challenge to find ways to include a balanced and healthy breakfast, but smoothies offer convenience and can be prepared many different ways. The variety of different smoothie recipes will keep breakfast from getting boring and will make it easier to stay with the plan.

  3. Hi Bill

    Thank for this article as it has open my eyes to what a healthy breakfast must  have. I am a big eater of porridge as it  is such a versatile breakfast, as you can add so many different toppings such as fruits and nuts. In this way you can change your breakfast daily. The only problem with yogurt is that it does not fill you up and you soon get hungry.

    What do you think of my favourite, which is soft boiled eggs? 



    1. hello Antonio
      thanks for the comment, I think boiled eggs are good choice to be part of the breakfast, but you still have to add something more to the breakfast to get balanced nutrition.

  4. Great choice for an article ! 

    I also am very oops on what I eat and when. I eat oatmeal with almond milk to breakfast, just like you said, it fills me up until lunch which is great.

    Many people tend to have problems loosing fat, they go to the gym but it doesn’t necessarily work, the key is what you eat so I think this is a really instructive article ! 

    1. hello Pandamelody
      thanks for the comment, it’s really to fill you up until the next meal, so you won’t eat more snack(get more calories) hope everything goes well on you.

  5. Wow great article I never knew diets could be this fun 😯  I am curious to know  I am on a high dieting fiber and exercise program to loose fat around the stomach area was wondering if this diets like yorgut and soomthies could be add to my diet? I really want to drop some serious pounds I am over weight by 20 kgs for my height

  6. Good site! I do agree that breakfast is the most important meal if the day. It gives yoy the boost to start the daily routine. I always make like a tea that contains coffee (otherwise I don’t wake up), turmeric and cinnamon. Then  I mix this beverage wit almond milk and this is sort of “smoothie” I drink every morning while in my way to work. And it sustains me a lot. Some times I add ginko biloba for mental alertness. All the different options of breakfast are delicious. I think all of them are easy to prepare. Yogurt can be one of my favorites because it is also one of the easiest to consume in a rushed morning. Thank you for this article, it is very helpful.

  7. This is quite an Informative article,  breakfast is surely a very important meal to start a day just as you have said,  I was actually thinking eating light food for breakfast could help reduce belly fat but I guess I was wrong because it’s still there, though a little bit. I’ll give the oatmeal a try as well as yoghurt, I’ll drop a feedback if I see much progress l.  Thanks for this.

    1. hello seunjeremiah
      thanks for the comment, by eating the right breakfast you can lose fat more faster, okay hope everything goes well on you.

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