My Weekly Workout Plans To Lose Belly Fat – Ready for Summer

When the summer comes, one of the best things to do is getting relaxed on the beach and swimming in the ocean or the pool, so having a better body shape is goals for many people.

I believe that one of their New Year’s resolutions is losing weight or losing belly fat, but with the approach of summer, they notice that they still have a big belly, and it seems like it doesn’t have any changes.

So I’m here to tell you that first, set the goal is priority, you have to know what you truly want ( I believe you know what you want already, but only how bad you really want it ?? ), second, the point is you must make a Reasonable Plan and Take Action ( you need to be disciplined and persistent ), and finally you can get the result for sure.

How to build your own Workout plan ??

Workout planThe first thing you have to determine what is your goal, somethings like gaining muscle, losing weight or just want to keep the body healthy.

According to specific goal you wanna achieve, then make a specific workout plan to follow, and this article I’m gonna focus on losing belly fat and share my own workout plan to have a solid Abdominal muscle, let get started…


What Exercises Should I Do ??

Workout planBasically you have to focus on not only losing calories but also gaining the muscle, remember that when you have enough muscles to maintain your body, it can keep you in good shape for a long time, but it doesn’t mean that you can ignore your Diet, both of them are important, so here is the two types of exercise you have to apply.

  1. Aerobic exercise ( jogging, cycling, swimming )
  2. Anaerobic exercise ( lifting weights, workout or other high-intensity exercise )

the big difference between Aerobic exercise and Anaerobic exercise, Aerobic exercise is only for reducing the calories depend on time you exercise.

Anaerobic exercise is really good at increasing the amounts of muscles on your body, and this is the key to keep your Body metabolism doing perfectly, if you want to lose belly fat faster, do two of them is necessary.


How long Should I Exercise ??

How long you should exercise for every time depends on your goal, for example if you want to lose weight, According to the American College of Sports Medicine ( ACSM ), exercise for 150 to 250 minutes per week, this is all about Aerobic exercise, you can set this amount of time as your goal, and Anaerobic exercise for building muscles at least 3 times a week, but surely you can do more than that when your body get stronger.


How many Sets and Repetitions Should I Do ??

joggingI think it’s a common questions that beginners will ask, some of them wants to have a faster result, aim for higher Repetitions and Sets, but it can increase the possibility to get hurt, and maybe get the less result because of not doing the movement correctly, I believe it’s nobody wants to see it happen.

So I suggest you to start from 6 to 8 Reps for 3 sets on every movement, slowly increase the reps on per set when your muscles get stronger, you can imagine your muscles just like the brain, it can memorize the movement and the effort you put, remember to be patient and step by step you can master the skills of every exercise.


How many days should I exercise a week ??

In order to lose belly fat you must put time and effort on doing exercise, but always remember you still have to set a day for your body and muscles to get enough rest, the main reasons for that, Muscles ain’t grow without the rest.

After exercise If you ignore the importance of ” recovery time “, your muscles don’t recover properly, you will have no progress and lose the strength.

bikeI have to say that no one can tell you how many days you have to exercise a week, but here’s the one correct concept you must know, Effectiveness is more important than the frequency ( rest is necessary ).

Do the exercise correctly and effectively for each time is much better than you exercise every day, you are the only one who knows your body the most, so find the great balance between exercise and rest, then stick to your workout plan.

How Much Rest & Recovery Do We Really Need With Exercise?


Here is the workout plan to lose belly fat

If you have no idea for making your own workout plan, I will share you mine that you can take it for your guidance, and surely you can adjust it a little for yourself, basically in every week that I will divide it into 3 parts, it is not very complicated.

  1. Day for Aerobic exercise
  2. Day for Anaerobic exercise
  3. Day for rest

workout plan to lose belly fat

In this workout plan, the days for Anaerobic exercise are more than Aerobic exercise, the main reason for that is building the muscles is your priority, when you have enough muscles First it can keep you in good shape, Second it can help you never regain the weight easily again ( it’s all about Body metabolism ).

meDuring this plan, it’s necessary to have the Right Diet, especially need to have enough Protein that it will help you boost up the speed of losing fat and become healthier,

Always remember rest is important, never skip the rest day, it won’t help you to have a faster and better result, your muscles only grow when you rest, so hope you guys everything goes well, and I will be glad to see you reach your goal.

8 thoughts on “My Weekly Workout Plans To Lose Belly Fat – Ready for Summer”

  1. I have been trying to lose some of that extra belly fat I have now for a while and it was not until recently that I actually noticed how important it is to both have a plan and also to allow your body to rest as well as getting enough calories. The days I would eat more I would actually notice that I had lost weight the days following, If I restricted my calorie intake and I did not allow my body to rest I would either gain or just stand still.

    What you mention about getting enough protein in your diet is definitely important as well and it is so good that you mention this.

    I really like the workout plan that you have provided that has the individual days on the plan for that day. I will definitely try this with your tips on protein and rest to see if I might get some more action going.

    Thank you for sharing “My weekly workout plans to lose belly fat” Hopefully I will be ready for summer shortly.

    1. hello alexandra
      thanks for the comment, do the right exercise and get the enough rest, have the diet and follow the plan, be happy and positive because you are going to achieve your goal.

  2. Lol,

    I am one of those who make New Year Resolutions about fitness, yet still have a rounded mid-section 6 month’s later!

    Funny thing is I know what to eat and when, and the various exercises I should do.  You are quite right about setting goals though. I will definitely work on that.  I really cannot make any more excuses for not training often enough. (For me, it would be 4 times a week).

    Thank you for reminding me!

  3. Wow, I didn’t realise that it’s better if you rest between the sets. I thought that the rest was so people don’t get too tired and as long as I wasn’t exhausted, it was better to keep going. Thanks for clarifying! 

    I stopped going to the gym for a while but I’m starting again in 3 days. Hopefully, this time, I’ll lose the weight I want. 🙂

    1. hello kate
      thanks for leaving the comment, always remember that rest is necessary for growing the muscles, hope you can reach your goal soon.

  4. Hi there,
    This is good. Obesity is the most common problem nowadays. Lowering body fat specially belly fat is a matter of headache and it is hard to do so. Thank you to share this article about the way to low our belly fat. Doing exercise for only 150 to 250 hours a week and 3 times muscle hardening in a week. This can easily be done to low this problem of belly fat. It is so important. 

    Thanks to show the path. It is very useful.

    1. hello Zihad
      thanks for the comment, yes you are right, belly fat cause lots of problem on the body, so losing fat not only for the better shape, but also for the health, so glad that I’m able to help you.

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