List of Foods That are High In Protein

List of Foods That are High In Protein ( Vegetables Protein ) – Choose Wisely

No matter what your goal is, gaining muscles or losing belly fat or even just want to keep your body healthy, Protein is one of the most important factor to achieve your goal, the energy and nutrition from protein is what your body need.

We have heard a lot that, the most common sources of getting protein is from some meat like chicken, beef, fish. Etc. But we rarely realize there’re another options we can choose.

What is Vegetables Protein (Plant Protein) ?

Think about the people who are Vegetarian, how can they absorb protein by not eating meat ?? the main reason is they get the protein from the vegetables, we call it Plant Protein or Vegetable Protein, it not only provide the good source of protein but also give you the Vitamins and minerals which are necessary to body.

If you want to lose belly fat even faster, regular Exercise and the Right Diet are what you have to be aware of, It doesn’t matter that you’re vegetarian or not, now you can have more options to get more protein from the plant sources.

so in this article I’m going to tell you some vegetables which containing high and good source of protein, you can add them into your daily diet.

List of Foods That are High In Protein ( vegetables )

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( one cup of broccoli contains 3 grams of protein )

List of Foods That are High In ProteinWhenever we think about the most healthy vegetables, Broccoli has been the first choice as always, we all know it has lots of benefit to our health, it provides a good source of vitamin, folate, potassium and protein, which Improving bone health and make you to look younger.

You can eat lots of natural fiber from Broccoli, so its pretty good at maintaining your digestion and natural detoxification, and eating lots of cruciferous vegetables like this can lower the risk to get cancer, so somebody calls it ” cancer fighter “.


( one cup of potato contains 5 grams of protein )

potatoesDo you think that potatoes only have starch ?? In fact, potatoes also contain carbohydrates, protein and some Minerals, and carbohydrates is really a good source to create energy to body, because of potatoes aren’t particularly only rich in protein ( but also rich in carbohydrates ).

So if your goal is to lose weight or belly fat, according to your daily Protein Needs, if you want to have more protein, you can’t only eat Potatoes too much, you have to get the protein from several sources to balance the nutrition intake.


( one cup of corn contains 4 grams of protein )

cornRemember to choose the fresh corn, it’s much better than the canned corn, canned corn usually are too salty and have lost the natural nutrition of it, corn is high in protein but also has lots of carbohydrates (just like potatoes)

Although it means it’s not a good way to get protein only from it, but it’s another good method that you can add the corn to get some extra protein to your daily diet.


( one cup of spinach contains 3 grams of protein )

SpinachSpinach is one of the green vegetables which containing rich protein, lots of vitamin and essential minerals ( iron or calcium ), one cup of cooked spinach provide around 3 grams of protein, it’s not pretty high when comparing to others, but the low calories and the rich nutrition of it are prefect for weight management

Always remember well-balanced diet is important, you have to add other food containing protein sources, and the fiber from spinach which can promote the healthy digestion for your body.


( A half-cup of edamame contains 11.1 grams of protein )

EdamameEdamame also name for “green soybean“, because the it picked while they are still green and immature, for many people, steam or boil are the common ways to cook them, the next step is to remove the shell of it and eat the delicious beans inside, it’s easy to cook and you can find Edamame at most of the grocery stores.

Edamame is good choice for those who want to keep the good shape, it contains high quality of protein and high fiber, several vitamins and minerals and most important it contains all nine essential amino acids that the body requires, so if you want to increase your protein intake, you have to add Edamame as part of a varied diet.


( A half-cup of Pea contains 4 grams of protein )

peaEating lots of pea can give you satiety ( feeling full ) and energy, because it’s including lots of protein and fiber, and there’sfrozen peas that you can choose and it can be preserved for a long time, there’s no doubt that fresh pea always is the best, but somebody maybe is too busy to go grocery stores to buy, frozen peas can be another choice.

Pea not also high in protein but also has some important nutrition, for example like Lutein, which is good for eyes and protects the eyes from the blue light of the screen, so nowadays I think Pea is the perfect food for everybody.


( 1 cup of Asparagus contains 3 grams of protein )

AsparagusI think many people know Asparagus and like to eat it, no matter for grilled, boiled or even pan-fried it’s delicious to eat, and by consuming many Asparagus has many benefits to body, containing rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin K and as well as a good source of potassium and antioxidants, which keep you look younger and healthier.

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  1. Hello Bill, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Protein is very important for our body and we need to intake it every day. Luckily, all of this food you mentioned is on my menu except corn. Honestly, I did not know corn is rich in protein. Thank you for sharing, this will definitely help many people who lack in protein.

  2. I love this post because it actually shows that you can get protein from vegetables contradictory to what people think, vegetables are good sources of protein. I have changed all my protein into vegetable protein and my favourite is actually spinach and broccoli. 

    This is a really good article to show the list of foods that are high in protein (vegetables protein). Great article, protein does not need to come from animals and it is really good that you are showing this!

    1. hello alexandra
      thanks for the comment, now you know another option of the source to get protein, i’m so glad that I can help you, hope everything goes well on you.

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