List of Foods That are High In Protein (Animal Protein)

List of Foods That are High In Protein (Animal Protein) – Choice of Food

Protein plays an important role to build, repair, and maintain the body’s structures. Our muscles, bones, hair, skin almost every part of body made from Protein, so to have enough Protein on our daily diet is extremely essential, different source of Foods can provide different kind of protein, plants protein and animals protein, and there are some differences.

Both of them has their own pros and cons, but no matter what’s it, we need to get essential nutrition from them, in order to keep body healthy and have an ideal weight management.

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What is Animal Protein ?

Most people if they want to get protein, the first thing come out from their mind is meat or eggs, and that’s the most common source of animals protein, and the Dairy Products like milk or cheese are another choices that you can choose, by consuming the animals protein, you can get some amino acids and other essential nutrients that body needs.

Animal ProteinBut don’t forget the seafood, it provides high-quality animal protein as well, seafood containing high in the omega-3 and low in fat, which helps you to lose body fat faster and easier, so it’s perfect that you can add fish or shellfish into your daily diet.

So in this article I’m going to tell you some foods that containing high and good source of animal protein, alright here we go.


List of Foods That are High In Protein ( Animal Protein )

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( 3-ounce of chicken contains 27 grams of protein )

When someone is on the weight loss program, their first choice to get protein is chicken meat, this white meat contains high quality of protein and low in fat low in calories, which is perfect food to lose weight, and of course to make you become healthier.
chicken breast
Chicken has many cuts, such as breasts, thighs, wings and drumsticks, and each part of it has a different amount of protein, fat and calories, but if your goal is to lose belly fat, I suggest you to choose chicken breast and make it skinless.



(1 average egg contains about 7 grams of protein )

The breakfast we have on the morning, the easy lunch or the easy dinner, the cake or any dessert, many foods are containing eggs, it’s an everyday part of many people’s lives, and here’s the good news, eggs are rich in protein and beneficial vitamins and minerals.


Eggs are one of the Animal protein that most people have known, the reason why people like to eat the eggs, not only it’s nutritious and easy to cook, but also the nutrient content from eggs, it can help you to weight loss and weight maintenance, and the high protein can promote feelings of fullness, which can prevent you from eating too much at a time.


◎ Beef

( 3-ounce of beef contains 22 grams of protein )

if you are tired of eating chicken every day, beef is your another choice, but to choose the Lean Beef, I can tell the beef is really good for the people who exercise, it has lots of amino acid, Minerals and vitamins that help you to have better performance. Here the main amino acid that beef provide.

■ Creatine – improve the performance and build muscle mass.

■ Carnitine aids – increase the metabolism and removes toxic compounds from cells.


Beef is the good source of protein, but eating too much red meat might raise blood cholesterol levels, and if you have cholesterol problems, so I suggest you to eat 1~2 a week.



( 3-ounce of beef contains 25 grams of protein )

It’s one of the most common red meat in the world, but it’s been forbidden in some certain religions, such as Islam and Judaism, Pork has many cuts including Pork Tenderloin, Pork Chops and pork sausage, above all of them, I recommend the Pork Tenderloin the most, it’s a lean-meat that can help you boost your protein intake healthfully.


When you add pork into the diet, you can get more protein and more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that body needs, comparing to other part of the pork, Pork Tenderloin has low fat and low calories, and it provides thiamine which can help you recover from exercise faster.



( 3-ounce of fish contains 16~25 grams of protein )

The fish or seafood are the best choice of high protein content and the low saturated fat, the most popular fish such as Tuna, Salmon, Catfish, Pollock and Tilapia etc. If you get bored to eat chicken or beef, or you just don’t want to consume more cholesterol, fish is your next option.


Another reason that why you must eat more fish, because it contains lots of (omega-3) fatty acids which is beneficial to your heart, and some vitamins to keep you body healthy and boosts up immune system.

And the amount of protein you can get depends on the different kind of fish, 3-ounce of Tuna contains 25g, 3-ounce of salmon contains 19g, 3-ounce of Tilapia contains 22g and so on.


◎ Milk

( 1 glass of milk contains 8 grams of protein )

Drinking milk used to be known as a healthy habit in many families, parents always tell us to drink a glass of milk every day, in order to grow up faster and increase the height, and the reason is milk contains a good source of protein and other nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, it provides lots of vitamins A and D as well.


Milk contains two types of protein, Whey and Casein, both of them are good quality of protein, and they provide an essential amino acids for the body and protein synthesis. And I suggest having the milk with Low-fat or Non-fat, to decrease the saturated fats and calories.

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When you have too much Red meat intake, you might have a higher risk to get diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers, on the other hand, White meat has been believed to be the better option.

but having too much animal protein, you will still get more cholesterol, it still elevates the risk to get disease, so in order to lower cholesterol levels, you must add some foods which containing plant protein, to have a balanced and nutritious diet.

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