How Many Grams Of Protein Do I Need Per Day ??

How Many Grams Of Protein Do I Need Per Day ?? must read !!

There are three main nutrition that provide energy to maintain our body, Carbohydrate, Protein, Lipid, anyone of these are important, but if your purpose is to lose weight or lose body fat, you have to change the diet, in other hand you have to adjust the proportion of every nutrition that you intake, and one of the most important nutrition that you need the most for this situation is Protein, eating lots of food that containing high and good source of protein can boost up the speed to lose belly fat, building muscles and getting better shape.

What is the benefits of protein ??

benefits of proteinProtein is an important component of the body, your hair and nails are made of protein, and it plays an important role on building and repairing tissues, block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood all related to the protein.

Protein is one of the Macronutrient like Carbohydrate and Lipid, that means you need a lot from these to keep your body healthy, (Vitamins and minerals are called Micronutrients, they are necessary to body but you only need in small quantities).

Once you eat enough protein, it can benefit your organs, so the Small intestine can absorb the nutrition more completely, to stimulate body’s metabolism, and it’s good for Weight control and your Health.


How many grams of protein do you need per day ??

This is the most common questions that people always ask me, then I have to tell you there’s no clear answer, how many grams of protein exactly you need is depends on your Weight and Activity level, if you have heavier body weight or high activity level on daily routine, you definitely have to eat more proteins, but on the contrary you need less, so here is the simple formula that’s easy to understand for you.

1. Low activity level —–> you weight x 0.8 = Grams of protein that you need

2. Medium activity level —–> you weight x 1.3 =Grams of protein that you need

3. High activity level —–> you weight x 1.8 = Grams of protein that you need

For example, I’m 66 kg, my goal is to decrease my body fat index and I exercise today, so today I have to eat 66 x 1.8 = 118.8 grams of protein for giving enough nutrition to my body and for better result

Yesterday is my rest day for my muscles, I didn’t exercise so 66 x 0.8~1.3 = 52.8~85.8 grams of protein is what I needed, can you see the difference between two circumstances ?? how much you need is depended on your daily activity level, busy day or rest day, and be sure to eat enough protein that your body needs.

When you know your number, divide it by 3 or more ( according to how many meals you have a day ), because your body Can’t absorb a lot of protein at once (only 20-30 grams of protein for each time), so its important to make a diet plan and follow it, you have to know What, When and How much food that you intake.


Where can I get protein from ??

Depending on the source of the food, Protein can divide into Vegetable Protein and Animal Protein, the big difference between them is Fat.

Animal protein

Animal ProteinIt might contain fat and vegetable protein don’t have, the most common Animal Protein are eggs, red meat and white meat, among them white meat is better than red meat because of lower content of fat, for example like chicken and fish.

Most people know that eggs are very healthy with beneficial vitamins and minerals , but I have to tell you not only that they’re also a great source of high-quality protein, Luckily nowadays we can see eggs everywhere in our life, breakfast lunch or easy dinner.

Vegetable Protein

Vegetable ProteinIf you are vegetarian, have you ever wondered that you get enough protein on your diet?? I know many people their first thought come out from the mind about protein is ” I have to eat lots of meats or eggs “, that’s correct but they seldom think about Vegetable Protein.

It provides the good quality of protein as well, you can get it from broccoli, several beans, nuts, Hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews, mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms and soy milk etc, these are common food from our daily life, and there’s lots of options that you can choose, by consuming the food that containing difference types of protein, so we can get the nutrition fully and balanced.

What happens that we have more or less protein than our body need ??

When you’re not getting enough protein, you feel sleepy and tired all the times and no energy to do things, your muscles will feel weak (or feel sore), your hair are made of protein then you might have the problem on hair loss, and you might more easy to get sick, because of lack of protein to boosts your immune system by maintaining a healthy body, and your body’s metabolism will get lower leading to weight gain.

tiredBut if you over consume the protein, it can affect negatively to your health as well, high-protein diets are often for weight losing, but it might cause unwanted weight gain, the excess protein intake will lead to the body store it as fat, so its important according to your daily activity level and your weight to decide how much protein you need.

When we’re doing the high-protein diet, our body will process the protein into energy, and this procedure require lots of water, if we don’t have, it might cause dehydration problem.

During the Process of transforming protein into energy, it will create waste matter that accumulate on your kidney then impact to your health, just remember Drink Enough Water  will help you metabolize faster and prevent this happen.

If you eat too much fat from Animal Protein will raise the risk to get cancer, so eat more Vegetable Protein and choose wisely the good-quality protein is your best solution.


How Much PROTEIN Do We Really Need ??

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  1. Well, I definitely learned something new today.  I knew you could get protein from nuts, but I literally had no idea that broccoli had protein.  That’s good news, because I eat a lot of broccoli, pretty much every day I love it so much.  I am not a huge meat eater, I mean I’m not a vegetarian by any means, but I usually limit my intake to chicken, salmon, tuna, sardines, things like that.  I do eat burger sometimes in my rice dishes, but not that often, so I do always think about ways to make sure I’m getting enough protein.  Good to know!  One thing I definitely need to do is step up the water consumption.  Reading articles like this is always good for me because it reminds me to really make sure I do that.  Water is critical, and today I’m going to carry my refillable bottle around for the entire day and drink drink drink.  Hey, thanks for the great read!

    1. hello Babsie Wagner
      thanks for leaving the comments, it’s really good for you to know lots of good source of protein, surely water is an important part of the diet, so nice to hear you to take action to drink more and more water, hope everything goes well on you.

  2. Thank you for this article. It’s pretty clear which sources of protein there are, and I’m glad you also mentioned something about vegetable protein. I’m a vegetarian myself and recently I found out that I have IBS and I can’t process a lot of bean products anymore, which used to be my source of protein intake! I’m going to save this article as a favourite so I can look back to it every now and then to see where I can get a good intake of protein from :).

    1. hello Virendra
      thanks for the comment, the protein from vegetable are really good, and this is lots of people would ignore it, plz share this with your friends who might need.

  3. Thank you for this most informative article. I especially like the formula that you have included on how to work out how much protein one needs a day, as this has always been a very grey area for me.

    I am not mad about animal protein, apart from chicken breast and eggs, and reading your article thought maybe I need to up my protein intake. Some days I don’t eat any meat, but I am glad to see that broccoli is a good source of protein, so I don’t mind eating more of that.

    Also putting milk on your cereal in the mornings must also count towards your overall protein intake, I hope?

  4. I am a vegan, have been vegan for quite some time and it’s so  nice to see someone else talking about proteins and mentioning the fact that there can be a lot of good protein in vegetable too. Thank you for sharing the info and mostly i love the formula you are giving to calculate how much protein  it’s good for you.  Must admit I felt I needed the help of my son when I first so it I am a bit rusty with math

    1. hello Barbara
      thanks for the comment, yes you have to know how much protein you need to keep you healthy, and surely you need to know the math lol, i agree with you that protein from vegetable are really good, and this is lots of people would ignore it.

  5. This is interesting. I have alot of things from this educating write-up. Before, I used to wander how vegetarian are doing without taking normal animal protein which is very delicious but I now realize that, they are working with a lot of discipline in choosing food. I agree with you, too much of animal protein can cause fat because of too much fat maybe unsaturated fat. I really don’t know cashew fruit is also proteinous. I only counted it as fruit and it is not type of fruit I can buy. Because it is not my favorite. I know about soybean,bean. They are very rich in protein. I like taking white meat because it is sweeter and healthier

    1. hello Stella
      thanks for the comment, its really good that you know some good source of the protein, white meat is always been my first choice as well, low fat and good protein.

  6. Excellent post on protein. Very good informative piece on different foods and the best sources to get your daily intake of protein. And why it is a neccasary part of a balanced diet. i will send a few people I know to this blog post who I think will really appreciate the in depth information about this topic. I also llike the fact the post was not full of information overload as I find myself becoming disinterested when a post contains too much and waffles on welldone on agreat post

    1. hello joseph webster
      thanks for the comment you leave, i’m so happy that you like it, please share this post to your friends who might in need .

  7. Hello Bill 🙂 , 

    I enjoyed and learned a few things from reading this amazing post on “How Many Grams Of Protein I Need Per Day”. I was aware that protein in important to our bodies daily need but i wasn’t aware of the pros and cons of not having enough protein or taking too much. 

    I have experienced some symptoms for protein deficiency and thanks to your post i now know a way to address them by knowing the amount i need and where to get them from. Thanks and keep this up

    1. hello affiliate_ghost
      thanks for the comment, pros and cons of having too much or less protein are really important, now its good you know it, hope everything goes well on you.

  8. Hi Bill, I have always heard of how important it is for us to have enough protein, but I always wonder “How much is enough?” Thank you for giving me a formula to work with. I also checked your article on water and I was glad to also see a formula there. Good articles !!!!

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