Drink More Water To Burn Belly Fat Fast ?? ( The Tips To Drink Water )

Drink More Water To Burn Belly Fat Fast ?? ( The Tips To Drink Water )

If I tell you that you just have to drink more water then you can lose your belly fat even faster, do you believe it ?? it sounds too easy and absurd right, but it’s actually a fact that really does work.

The three main reasons that influences the efficiency of losing body fat, basically it includes Exercise, Right Diet and your Daily Habits, drinking water is one of the good habits, and on this article i’m going to talk about the importance of the water, why water has been a crucial factor of losing fat and the tips to drink more water.

Why is water so important ??

Water is the most important component of the human body, and the moisture content accounts for70-75% of it, if you want to keep your body healthy, water is essential, In general for most the people they consider that drinking water only for the health.

But there are lots of benefits beyond you’ve thought of, something like Bnhance the metabolism, Clear the stool of your body, Eliminate body Edema, Better skin, Lose weight and Lose body fat, etc. but Something is prerequisite that you have to drink enough water.

so here is the question of how much water exactly do you need, I will give you a simple math formula to count how much water you will need per day.


How much water do I need ??

We’ve heard a lot that ” 8 glass of water a day ” or ” 2000 c.c. water a day “ to keep you body healthy, yes that’s correct, but i’m gonna tell you it’s only half right, why?

From my studies and researches about this topic, I found out that how much water you need to drink a day depend on your individual body index ( everyone is different, so your Daily water consumption should be different as well ), always remember you have to drink enough water to keep your body healthy and doing well.

“” Your weight x 50 = your Daily water consumption “”

For example, I’m 66 kg, so 66 x 50 = 3300 is my Daily water consumption

water consumption


The 6 tips to drink more water

Once you know the number of your Daily water consumption, set it as your goal, but remember I’m not telling you to drink that amount of water start from today, i know it might be difficult for those especially who has the problem on belly fat all the time, everything has cause and effect, what you did in the past make who you are today.

So I suggest you step-by-step increasing the amount of water intake, let your body slowly get used to it, it will be hard at the beginning, so here is the 6 tips that will help you to drink more water.


Add lemon into water to have a flavor

lemon waterThe common reason that most of the people don’t like water, because its flavorless, they used to drink the soda drinks or something that is full of sugar and artificial spice, we all know it is harmful to our body, but we just can’t resist it, so now it’s time to change, drink more lemon water not only increase the water consumption but also make your body healthier. ( lemon is full of vitamin C)

Bring water bottle with you all the time

water bottleHaving your own water bottle can help you to drink more water, first you can easily know and calculate how much water you’ve intake today, usually it shows a water capacity from the bottle, second whenever you see it ( because you take it with you all the time ), automatically it can remind you to drink, gradually you will create the good habit of it.


Set the alarm clock to remind you

If you are a forgetful person, set the alarm clock is your best solution, it will remind you all the time that you need to drink, or you have other option like using the Apps, there’s the few apps that can help you drink more water,

(1) Plant Nanny (2) My Water Balance (3) Drink Water Reminder (4) Water Time, etc. those are really helpful. Must try it.


Make a daily schedule to drink water

A good habit have to start from a good discipline, making a daily schedule for yourself is one of the best way to do, and there’s 6 great moments for drinking water on the day,

(1) wake up in morning

(2) before the meal

(3) afternoon

(4) before and after exercise

(5) after taking the shower

(6) before sleep

Drink lots of water in the morning and afternoon, and slowly decrease the water consumption at nighttime. ( so you can have a good sleep instead of going toilet constantly )


Get a filter that can make water taste better

filter waterSome of the people don’t like the taste of water coming out of the tap or water fountain, so this is the good idea to get a filter that can make water taste better and better quality, but if you think that install the Water Filtration System in the kitchen sink will cause lots of money, time and effort, so the Water Filter Pitcher is your another choice.

Stay active

stay activeGo outdoor and Exercise, stay active is good to your body, it causes you sweating that body will send the signal of ” thirsty ” to the brain, then you will have the feeling want to drink more water, this method is really easy and simple.

If you are struggle on ” don’t want to drink water ” and finding excuses all the time, just leave from your desk and go exercise, i promise you can drink lots of water than you imagine.


Drinking Water Burns More Belly Fat (5 Studies)

We all know that habits are important, because it will determine the person you become, one small good habit a day will give you a huge result in the future, but the key is how bad you wanna reach your goal.. Stick to it !! You can do it !

20 thoughts on “Drink More Water To Burn Belly Fat Fast ?? ( The Tips To Drink Water )”

  1. Wow! You’ve done a great job to come up with the amazing and well detailed information. Gaining weight is easy but loosing it seem to be the most difficult thing. I’m so amazed that one can lose weight by just taking water, its sound easy and exciting. 

    water has a lots of health benefits that can’t be over emphasize. Its aid digestion, it’s help to regulate body temperature , it’s help to keep skin fresh, it’s help to maintain a proper balance between salt concentration in the body, and many more. 

    My question is that can one eat fat containing food and still take enough water and lose weight?

    Thanks so much for sharing this amazing post.

  2. Drinking water accordingly to your body mass index does make sense. One size doesn’t fit all. Thank you for the formula, I have to drink 3,000. I usually infused my water with cucumber and mint. It is the best when summer is around the corner, it is so refreshing and cools down your body. Never thought of using the alarm but I think it’s brilliant!

  3. Hey! Bill

    You have a very informative website for people like me who talk about losing weight but don’t take action. You have explained everything well how i can lose belly body fat.

    I have BP and my dietitian tells me to drink more water but don’t explain the way you have. Now i will start drinking more water.

    Long ago i used to crunch exercises but due to lack of motivations, I was not doing them. Now reading again I can say you have motivated me to start doing the exercises again.

    I have book marked your website so i can visit it more often to get more tips.





  4. Thank you for this great post!  I have to say, I love the idea of just drinking water to help me lose belly fat.  The hard part for me is giving up the craving and fighting the habit of drinking Diet Coke.

    I’m not sure about your calculations though….I’m sure they’re right but damn…I have to drink 4,649c.c.!  I won’t tell you my weight but you can do the math, LOL.

    I have to admit, schedules are something I don’t really set.  I’ve started to and it really does help so why not do the same with my water intake?  I’ll give it a shot for sure.

    One question…  Is there any additive or supplement you recommend to mix with the water in order to enhance or accelerate the belly fat loss?

    Thank you,


    1. hello Merlynmac
      thanks for the comment, i know lots of people get shocked when they know how much water they should drink a day, because the amount is beyond they have drink before, so i have shared these tips for who struggled a lots, so glad its helpful for you, the supplement that you mentioned, surely there’re some for losing fat, i will write it on another post soon.

  5. Excellent article and I have saved it to my weight and fat loss file. 

    I have known for many years the benefits of drinking ample amounts of water during the day. As far as losing belly fat from it I still have my belly. 🙂 The benefits that I do recognize when I am drinking the correct amount which for me is between 90 to 110 ounces a day. 

    I am currently 67 and joints tend to get stiff without the proper hydration. This became apparent to me summer last year when I realized I wasn’t drinking enough and getting lethargic. I set the alarm on my phone for every hour beginning at 0530, immediately on arising. I would drink 13 – 8 oz cups. 

    Within 3 weeks I began noticing the benefits. I had a persistent cough that began to go away. Walking from the bedroom to the kitchen for the first cup of water and to turn on the coffee(was not included in the water amount) joint pain was getting less noticeable. 

    I have continued this practice since last summer and the benefits far outweigh what might have been.


    1. hello Sonny
      thanks for leaving the comments, and so glad you like it and hear the good news from you, you have made a great progress so far, keep going on and hope everything goes well on you.

  6. Hey really great topic. I’ve heard that water can contribute to losing belly fat. I had a co-worker once who would drink so much water to the point where it changed her weight completely. She was telling this other woman I worked with to try the same thing but she preferred surgery over drinking water. Most people I think are unaware of the benefits of constantly drinking water so it’s good that you’re addressing this topic.

    1. hello Jovan Vedrene
      thanks for the comments, it’s really good for you to understand the importance of water, water has lots of benefits but the point is you have to drink enough water, hope everything goes well on you.

  7. What are your thoughts on flavored water enhancers from the grocery store? Should they be avoided at all costs because of sugar and caffeine that’s in them or are they okay to use from time to time? I’ve used some of them to enhance my water but I might just use lemons instead.

    1. hello jessie
      thanks for the comments, i think Naturally Flavored Water is one of the good way to drink more water, it’s good, well done.

  8. Excellent post on water and how it helps with losing belly fat. Very good informative piece. And why it is a neccasary part of a balanced diet. i will send a few people I know to this blog post who I think will really the information about this topic as I amsure some of them don’t even realize how effected water can be in helping losing belly fat. I also llike the fact the post was not full of information overload as I find myself becoming disinterested when a post contains far too much information this usually leads me to becoming bored and stop reading the post. Excellent job

    1. hello joseph webster
      thanks for leaving comments again, remember to drink enough water, water does help a lot for losing fat for sure, and hope you can reach your goal soon.

  9. Hello, 

    Thank you for your post on the most important resource for human life. 

    I have seen your formula about how much water should I drink related to my body weight. As I’m 85 Kg and I apply
    your formula I should drink more than 4 liters of water every day what is impossible for me?

    Did I get the formula right or did I interpret it wrong?

    Thanks for your advice

    1. hello jacobs2
      thanks for the comments., as i mentioned in this article, you did the right math, and this is why i share the tips that help you to drink enough water that your body need, and i didn’t tell you to drink 4 liters start from today, learn these tips and slowly increase the amount of water intake, i know it might be difficult for those especially who has the problem on belly fat all the time, everything has cause and effect, what you did in the past make who you are today, good habit needs time.

  10. Hey Bill, You really know how to churn out helpful content and i am getting addicted to all this helpful tips and putting them to trial for myself. 

    On the importance of drinking enough water, i use lime to help me increase my water intake and it has helped, i do not know if lime has as much vit as lemon or do i switch? 

    i would keep trying to improve my water intake, thanks

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